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Tindal n : English translator and Protestant martyr; his translation of the Bible into English (which later formed the basis for the King James Version) aroused ecclesiastical opposition; he left England in 1524 and was burned at the stake in Antwerp as a heretic (1494-1536) [syn: Tyndale, William Tyndale, Tindale, William Tindale, William Tindal]

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Tindal redirects here. For the English and Australian Tindal family, see Tyndall.
RAAF Base Tindal (RAAF Tindal) is a Royal Australian Air Force air base located near the town of Katherine in the Northern Territory. The base is currently home to No. 75 Squadron and a number of non-flying units.


RAAF Tindal was initially built for the RAAF as Carson's Airfield, also known as Kit Carson's Field, in 1942. The airfield was constructed by the 43rd Engineer General Services Regiment (US Army) and the Civil Construction Corps. Further works were undertaken by No. 1 Airfield Construction Squadron RAAF and No. 3 Airfield Construction Squadron RAAF.
The airfield was renamed in honour of Wing Commander Archibald R. Tindal, the first RAAF Officer killied in action on the Australian mainland during the bombing of Darwin on 19 February 1942. Tindal is buried at the Adelaide River war cemetery.
The airfield was later occupied by No. 5 Replenishing Centre RAAF. The RAAF ceased basing operational units at the airfield following the end of World War II.
Between 1963 and 1970 No. 5 Airfield Construction Squadron RAAF rebuilt the runway, taxiways and hard stand to handle larger, more modern aircraft and enable the base to operate as a 'bare base'. In 1968 it was opened as Katherine's domestic airport, being used by Ansett-ANA, TAA and Conellen. The base was occasionally used by units based at RAAF Base Darwin and other bases.
In 1984 the Australian government decided to move the RAAF's fast jet base in the Northern Territory from RAAF Darwin to Tindal. This move was intended to provide the RAAF with a base which was outside the cyclone zone and easier to defend against external attack. After a major upgrade RAAF Tindal officially opened on 1 October 1988.
Since its establishment RAAF Tindal has served as the RAAF's main operational base in the Northern Territory. The base regularly hosts other units for exercises and was used to support the Australian lead intervention into East Timor in 1999.
In keeping with Tindal's role as a front-line operational air base, it is one of the few Australian defence establishments to be manned exclusively by uniformed personnel. In addition, the base has more defensive installations than is common in Australian air bases and can host hundreds of ground troops.


A detachment of two Boeing Wedgetail AWACS aircraft from No. 2 Squadron will be based at Tindal after these aircraft are delivered in 2009.
In addition, the Army's NORFORCE Regional Force Surveillance Unit has a detachment located at Tindal.

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